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Dear Reader,

I've decided that I will be finally starting a blog to document ideas and questions I develop around issues of equity in STEM Education. A lot of these posts might be musings or just general questions I develop that might later turn into official research projects or programs. I am ultimately curious about how to best support students that come from communities that have been historically marginalized from STEM fields. My interest comes from my realization while an undergrad at MIT that not everyone receives equal education opportunities that allow them to pursue their interest in STEM. Additionally, personal experiences, in which my ethnicity and gender were used to question my capabilities in STEM have heavily influenced my desire to make the STEM educational experiences different for future scientists and engineers. Like any other social justice issue, diversifying STEM fields is a complex problem. There is no one single-prong approach that will lead to an overnight change in who pursues STEM careers. There are many social and structural issues that need to be addressed, such as who's knowledge is valued, resources available to Black and Brown communities, culture in the various realms of education, culture in STEM entities, tools of measurement, policies, and laws, etc. All this to say, I will explore a lot of these issues in various ways in this blog. So if you're here, reading this, thank you for your interest, and please feel free to add to the conversation by commenting on my blog posts. I welcome diverse thoughts that will lead to an understanding of how we can achieve social justice in STEM Education.


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