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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Garcia, P., Fernández, C.H., Okonkwo, H., (2020). How Black Girls Enact Critical Digital Literacies for Social Change. Learning, Media & Technology, 1-18.

Garcia, P., Fernández, C.H., & Jackson, A. (2019) Counternarratives of Youth Participation Among Black Girls. Youth & Society 0044118X18824738.

Franke, M.L., Turrou, A.C., Webb, N.M., Ing, M., Wong, J., Shin, N., & Fernandez, C.H. (2015). Student’s Engagement with Other’s Mathematical Ideas: The Role of Teacher Invitation and Support Moves. The Elementary School Journal, 116(1), 126-148


Webb, N.M., Franke, M.L., Ing, M., Wong, J., Fernandez, C.H., Shin, N., & Turrou, A.C. (2014). Engaging with others’ mathematical ideas: Interrelationships among student participation, teachers’ instructional practices and learning. International Journal of Educational Research, 63, 79-93


Chan Turrou, A., & Henríquez Fernández, C. (2013). Mathematical Proficiency and Perseverance in Action: The Case of Maria and Andrew*. Journal of Mathematics Education at Teachers College, 3(2), 67-72


Book Reviews

Henríquez Fernández, C. (2011). Latinos/as Mathematical Experiences: A Review of Latinos/as and Mathematics Education. Journal of Urban Mathematics Education, 4(2), 131-139


Book Chapters

Gutierrez, K., Ali, A., & Henríquez, C. (2009). Syncretism and Hybridity: Schooling, Language, and Race and Students from Non-dominant Communities. In M.W. Apple, S. J. Ball, & L.A. Gandin. (Eds.), The Routledge International Handbook of the Sociology of Education. (358-369) New York, NY: Routledge.

In Preparation & Under Review

Fernández, C.H. & Garcia, P., Designing Culturally Responsive Computing Learning Environments in Public Libraries. submitted to ACM Transactions on Computing Education


Fernández, C.H., Classroom Discourse: Opening Pathways for Student Mathematical Participation and Learning, to be submitted to Journal of Research in Mathematics Education

Fernández, C.H., The Social and Cognitive Affordances of Playing the Board Game of Battleship to be submitted to Journal of Learning Sciences

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